Stateless // Bloodstream // You Choose

Normally, I like to feature one song for each post I write. Not because I’m selfish & like to keep the good stuff to myself, but because I like each feature to be centered around the artist – so that, if you decide you like their sound (which is very well possible after listening to only one song), you’re going to either go support that artist & YouTube them, like their Facebook page, etc, or you’re not. I’d rather not overwhelm you, if you’re just not into it. BUT, there comes a time, when I draw that line. I get conflicted, experience an internal battle of frustration, and then walk to the kitchen. Not this time.

I was introduced to Stateless through a friend of mine, and after listening to their SoundCloud page – I experienced that same sort of conflict. This four piece electronic/alt rock band hails from Leeds, UK (duh), and creates fascinatingly unique sounds comparable to those of Radiohead – and dare I say a little Coldplay? With a twist of Chet Faker

Get to know these boys….I have a feeling big things are coming their way. Enjoy friends x

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