Mansionair // Hold Me Down

So….last week I had the pleasure of attending Bigsound in Brisbane where, not kidding, all of the Australian music industry decided to become a gang and take over three or four streets in Fortitude Valley. And unlike the industry here in lovely USA, and at events like SXSW, you continued to run into the same faces getting your morning coffee or your 87th beer of the day. I made a ton of new friends, and couldn’t be happier about it.

The showcases were unbelievable, kicking off each of the three nights around 8pm, and lasting until about 1am. I could easily write a novel on each of my favorites and why they were so great, but I feel that maybe a more sweet and condensed version would make for a more tasteful read. For now though, let me introduce to you my all time favorite – Mansionair.

These three young lads have created a true name for themselves, and once you have a listen (if you haven’t heard already), you may want to have another. They’ll be supporting BROODS on their November Australian tour – with a number of other exciting projects ahead, I’m sure.


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