About eleven.

We are an LA based indie/alternative music blog with the goal to share music we love. Good music makes us happy, & we hope to spread some of that through accelerating some much deserved talk for real talent. For over a year and a half now, we’ve experienced an incredible amount of joy “working” and searching our little hearts out all over the vastness of the Internet for undiscovered musical talent – the majority of those finds coming from the UK & Australia. We have yet to acquire a logical explanation for that….

If you have any music you’d like to share with us, feel free to drop us a note! Or just join the party. Become a guest blogger, introduce yourself, tell us your favorite color. We’re normal, kind of, and if you like the stuff we feature – I’m sure we will get along just swimmingly. PS: we really, really like covers.

Why eleven? There are 11 lines in the chorus of each of our favorite songs. 11 is the number of letters in elevenation. 11 is the month of November, birthday month. 11 tends to bring us good things. 11 just feels like a good number.

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